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Emil Rohmer, Father of Dina & Grandfather of Jason, started his restaurant career in 1953.  He bought his furniture and equipment from Sis Walterscheid and rented the building from the Truebenbach Estate.  In February, he opened the Ace Cafe on Highway 82 in the building across the street from Rohmer's Restaurant present location.  The cafe had seating capacity for 40 people.  Emil, with the help of six employees, operated the business, which was open from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight, seven days a week.

When Emil started his business, hamburgers were 25 cents and cheeseburgers were 30 cents.  With a coke, it was a nickel extra. He offered two sizes of lunches, a small one for 45 cents and a large for 70 cents.  A piece of pie was 15 cents and coffee or tea was 5 cents. 

In 1959, Emil purchased the Walterscheid house across the highway.  After removing walls, remodeling and adding on, he opened Rohmer's Restaurant, with a seating capacity of 88.  Muenster voted wet in 1959 and Rohmer's attracted many customers from surrounding towns.  In later years, employment went to 25. 

In 1963, Emil started his catering career.  This career continues to be a popular catering business in the area. 

Through the years, Emil had the good fortune of having good dependable help, some for many years.  He even had the help of his children after school and on weekends.  Now all are grown with children of their own and have different careers, except Dina, who served as a manager until 1995. 

In September of 1995, Dina and her husband, Troy Sicking, became the managing owners of Rohmer's.  Troy and Dina continued to keep the well-known business thriving.  They maintained the original building of Rohmer's Restaurant until March 2002 when they moved into the present day building replicating the rock covered arch of the original building.  Also keeping the memory alive is a "Memory Wall" displaying pictures and rock from the original building.  If you look closely you will see the marbles in the mortar which entertain all ages.   

With the help of many loyal employees, the Rohmer family moved into their present location completed in March 2002.  When Troy & Dina opened the doors to their new building, their son, Jason Sicking, joined the business.  To the present day Troy, Dina and Jason continue to maintain the successful business their father and grandfather built over 50 years ago.    

Coverage of Rohmer's Restaurant & Catering

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